In teaching, ongoing research meets bright minds. I love to include my work from research projects or experiences from my startup company in my teaching. Students take part in the scientific process and discussions, they get the freshest research results, ideas, and methods. They experience and shape research hands-on.

My teaching is mostly interdisciplinary as most topics  concerning media, technology, and society require different perspectives such as psychology, communication and media studies, or computer sciences. As a result, research methods and didactics are tailored to the specific topic in focus of each course. 

To build a constructive, communicative and open learning environment in my courses, I use various didactic methods and tools, depending on the goals of the course and the prior knowledge of the students, i.e. from introductory courses to research seminars. I am very happy that my university honored my teaching methods by awarding me the teaching award 2021 for learning supportive application of digital technologies.

I usually teach courses within my areas of research, but I also give introductory courses in academic writing and research methods. My courses include literature seminars, research seminars/projects, tutorials, and lectures.

Life-long learning is not just a buzz word. Professional development in teaching is very important to me. I’m part of a learner’s community for best practices and digital teaching tools and participate in workshops to improve teaching at universities regularly. I also conduct course evaluations for every course I teach and try to improve each semester. 🙂

Master’s courses

Media Psychology and Instructional Psychology
Media and Communication Studies
  • Cognitive and Emotional Processing of Virtual Environments
  • Research Specialization Media Psychology: User Experience in VR
  • Digital Game Studies
  • Social Presence in Virtual Environments
  • Video Games: Exploring Virtual Environments
  • Research Project Game Studies
  • Transmedia Storytelling
  • The interdisciplinary perspective of “Interaction”
  • Methods of Interaction Research in connected real and virtual Social Spaces
  • Cognitive and Emotional Processing of Hybrid Societies
  • Media and Communication Culture: The Media during the COVID19 Pandemic
  • Research Specialization Media Psychology: Human Attention Processes in HCI

Bachelor’s courses

Media and Communication Studies
Computer Science and Media Studies
  • Entertainment in Video Games
  • Basics of quantitative empirical Social Research
  • Television Studies: TV Series
  • Media Use and Media Effects on YouTube
  • Television Studies in the Online Age
  • Research Specialization Media Psychology: Virtual Environments
  • Research Specialization Media Psychology: Aggression Research
  • Media Effects Research
  • Theories of Media Psychology
  • Media and Communication Theories: Mediatization of Everyday Life
  • Communication Design: Paper Prototyping
  • Scientific Work Methods
  • Communication Design: Design Sprint and App-Development
  • Academic Writing
  • Psychological Test Theory


Master’s courses taught
(since 2007)


Bachelor’s courses taught
(since 2007)

Academic supervision

I supervise bachelor’s and master’s theses regularly.  The goal of each thesis is to pose and answer a question from ongoing research, mostly through empirical methods. I always aim to publish the results together with the students – at least at an international conference. In the last couple of years, we were quite successful in doing that 🙂


Bachelor’s Theses supervised
(since 2007)


Master’s Theses supervised
(since 2007)

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