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Skyreach Castle Battlemap

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I finally finished my redesign of Skyreach Castle for the Hoard of the Dragon Queen. You can find the battlemaps of all castle floors and the ice caverns and a legend as free downloads right here! I also added a description and legend of all the rooms.

D&D Repaint: Undead!

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My players finally arrived at the Mere of the Dead Men, a cold saltwater marsh. The swamp is the site of an old kingdom which was overrun by an orc horde, and many souls still linger in this place. Naturally, we were in need of undead miniatures!

Reaper Cave Troll (77004/02416)

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So my players travelled North from Baldur’s Gate and came through the Troll Claws, a group of hills infamously known for their … trolls. During one night’s rest, the caravan was attacked by several hill trolls. Surprise!