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Nerovain’s Stronghold

Written by pida on . Posted in Battlemaps

Today, I have another battle map for you: Neronvains Stronghold from the Rise of Tiamat adventure. If you don’t want to play the adventure, you could also use the map as a generic forest hideout/green dragon lair.

D&D Repaint: Ogres

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I’m pretty proud of these: Upgraded and repainted ogres (#025) from the the Elemental Evil miniature series from WizKids. I readjusted their poses, used green stuff and various bits to vary their appearance and armor.

Reaper Marsh Troll (77152)

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Happy new year! Let’s start with a big fat troll: The Reaper Marsh Troll (77152). I got him from the Bones 2 Kickstarter and I was eager to use the miniature in my D&D game. Finally, I found the perfect use for him as Trepsin the Troll.