Reaper Marsh Troll (77152)

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Happy new year! Let’s start with a big fat troll: The Reaper Marsh Troll (77152). I got him from the Bones 2 Kickstarter and I was eager to use the miniature in my D&D game. Finally, I found the perfect use for him as Trepsin the Troll.

Reaper Lizardmen II (03558)

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After last week’s Lizardmen I (03551), I have more miniatures of the lizardfolk tribe to show to you! They were done the same way as the others. Here are the pictures of the three miniatures from Reapers Lizardmen II (03558) set.

Skyreach Castle Battlemap

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I finally finished my redesign of Skyreach Castle for the Hoard of the Dragon Queen. You can find the battlemaps of all castle floors and the ice caverns and a legend as free downloads right here! I also added a description and legend of all the rooms.