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Hi there, my name is Daniel and I’m a gamer. A gamer of pen & paper roleplaying games and also of computer games. Yeah, I probably play too much. On the internet, my nickname is “empi”. I live in Germany where I work for a small university.

I got into table board fantasy games as a kid in the early 90s. Anyone remembering HeroQuest and StarQuest? Later, I got Advanced Hero Quest and I loved all the dungeons and heroes and pretty miniaturs. I was introduced to AD&D a couple of years later with the Collectors Edition of the video game Diablo2. There was actually was an entire p&p ruleset especially made for the Diablo franchise, which came with the Collectors Edition of the game. Modern game publishers could learn a thing or two from that one. So after playing for a while with my friends, we wanted the real thing. Dungeons and Dragon 3rd Edition had just come out, so we bought the basic rulebooks and some miniatures from Reaper and started playing.

Sometime later we switched to D&D 3.5, which I still adore very much. I got more minis and kind of speed painted them with oil paints, without doing some research in how to paint. My group played a lot of D&D but later also some Shadowrun, The Dark Eye (DSA) and D&D 4th edition. We never really got into 4th edition, so we just played the other systems since then. I hope the next D&D will be good again, until then we’ll stick to Shadowrun and maybe try some Pathfinder. And that’s why I paint Cyber Punk and Fantasy miniatures.

Oh, did I mention, I’m also a big fan of computer games? I especially like single player action-adventure games with great narratives and role playing games or fantasy MMOs. I’ve played a lot of these time sinking monsters, such as Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft (meh, never really liked that one), Shadowbane, Lineage 2, Age of Conan, The Lord of the Rings Online, Star Trek Online and lastly Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’m really looking forward to The Elder Scrolls Online, but I think my hardcore gamer days are over. We’ll see 😉

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