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The group’s fighter is a female knight of the Order of Iron Gauntlet, Elena von Greifenfels. She is travelling with her squire, Wilhelm. Reaper’s Alaine, Female Paladin (02725) and Sir William Peacemaker (02477) were perfect matches.

Here is the group of adventureres, all represented by Reaper miniatures:

  • Asgrim Fuxfell (cleric), Reaper 14052 – Azarphan, Necropolis Captain
  • Hakran Steamhammer (warlock), Reaper 60122 – Cheiton, Dwarf Hero
  • Lafisar (druid), Reaper Bones 77092 – Elquin, High Elf Adventurer
  • Elena von Greifenfels (fighter), Reaper 02725 – Alaine, Female Paladin
  • The Red Raven (warlock), Reaper 02048 – Elquin the Daring
  • Vinaya (rogue), Reaper Bones 77033 – Callie, Female Rogue
  • Alester the Distant Light (cleric), Reaper Bones 89013 – Ezren, Iconic Wizard

I used the same picture in the last post of the Red Raven, and as you can see I had already started with the miniatures representing Elena and Hakran.


The figure of Alaine was conceptualized by Tim Collier and sculpted by Werner Klocke. There are several different painted versions of her in the Reaper Inspiration Gallery, ranging from blonde hair and silver armor to black hair and dark armor. Check them out here.

Elena’s player wanted her to have brown hair and a “standard” steel metal armor with the blue colors of her knight’s order. The squire Wilhelm would also wear the same colors. I decided he would be a blonde.


I freed the figure from its restraining metal base and put a pin in it. The 25mm base I used is a resin base of the Sanctuary Base Series from Dragon Forge.

Alaine, Female Paladin - 02725-01


Like with all models, Alaine was primed black and sprayed white with the airbrush. I had already painted Willhelm over ten year ago, but I did not try to remove any paint before repainted him. I also did not prime him again, but just painted over the old color (I was using oil based paints then).

Alaine, Female Paladin - 02725-02 Alaine, Female Paladin - 02725-03



The first thing I did was the skin. It took me quite some time (ca. 4 hours), but I also did the skin of my next PC, the dwarf Hakran simultaneously. I made several attempts at the eyes, changing their size and angle. At the end, I decided on larger eyes as you can see in the image below.

The rest was easy enough: I mixed Vallejo Model Color Gunbolt Metal with VMC black do produce a very dark, but yet shiny metal color. This was used as the basecoat for the armor of Alaine. I then gradually used lighter metal colors (up to Vallejo Game Color Silver) for the edges and highlighted parts. I explicitely did not want to give the armor too much different metal colors (i.e. no gold or bronze parts), to keep it in a simple “basic metal” look.

The cloth parts were painted with a mix of VMC Turquoise and VMC Prussian Blue. At this stage, I also applied the colors to the Willhelm figure, painting over the old plain blue coat. I did not paint over the metal parts of Willhelm, though. Oil paint metals look really good compared to water based colors, I think.

Finally, both Willhelm and Alaine got their hair done. Willhelm went with a cool straw blonde, and Alaine with a chestnut brown. Minor details (leather belts/boots, gold ornaments on their swords) were added, too. Willhelm was the first miniature I tried eye colors other than black. He has a sky blue iris, which is barely visible. But I know it’s there 🙂

And here they are: Lady Elena von Greifenfels and her squire Wilhelm!

Alaine, Female Paladin - 02725-07 Alaine, Female Paladin - 02725-04

Alaine, Female Paladin - 02725-05 Alaine, Female Paladin - 02725-08

Sir William Peacemaker - 02477-02 Sir William Peacemaker - 02477-01


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