On a quest to paint table top gaming miniatures

My name is Daniel (nickname "empi") and recently, I got back into painting miniatures with the arrival of the 2013 and 2014 Reaper Bones kickstarter sets with 550+ miniatures. This blog will accompany my attempts at getting into the hobby. Currently, I am a DM for a home game of the Tyranny of Dragons campaign for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

PC: Hakran Steamhammer

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The second warlock is a shield dwarf with a pact of the blade, serving the Archfey Cyramore (a winter prince). We’ve been looking for a fitting minuture for quite a while, but Cheiton (60122) from Reaper’s pathfinder range was a great match.

PC: The Red Raven

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The next PC is The Red Raven, a Great Old One warlock. He’s wearing a breastplate and a red cloak. In pretty old miniature from Reaper, Elquin the Daring (02028), I found the perfect miniature for the character.

Ingrid, Female Gnome

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After nearly three years I will finally start posting player character miniatures. I have painted all kinds of monsters to get better at painting, so my PCs will look good enough. This is the first. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll post all seven of my PCs.

PC: Elena von Greifenfels

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The group’s fighter is a female knight of the Order of Iron Gauntlet, Elena von Greifenfels. She is travelling with her squire, Wilhelm. Reaper’s Alaine, Female Paladin (02725) and Sir William Peacemaker (02477) were perfect matches.

PC: Asgrim Fuxfell

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One of the party’s clerics is Asgrimm Fuxfell, Tempest Cleric of Tempus. Reaper’s Azarphan, Necropolis Captain (14052) seemed like the perfect miniature for him – except for the terrible helmet. So I swapped it for a Spartan head.