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We live in a almost fully digitized world. Mobile media entertainment, smart homes and cities, autonomous driving cars, robotic agents, virtual and augmented reality – not too long ago, theses were in the realm of Science Fiction. But all these technologies are available to consumers now.

I am fascinated by new technologies and media phenomena, and I like to study and understand them. How are they changing our society, the way we think and interact with each other? How can they be used in our everyday lives? What are positive and negative effects, and how can we minimize or negative the latter? How can we benefit from them?

As a communication scholar and media psychologist, I am interesed in the experiences of users in the digitized landscape and how to shape them.

As a co-founder of a startup company, I am interested in how companies can use methods of User Experience Engineering and Vizualization Studies to fully use the potential of their data sources and provide a higher efficiency and better user experience for their staff.

My research background is communication studies and media psychology. I am a graduate of the Research Training Group “Crossworlds” at Technische Universit├Ąt Chemnitz. On this website, you’ll find information on my academic background. To learn more about my startup, please visist Vireso.de

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